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Knowledge is the antidote to fear "English Proverb"
It would be possible to describe everything scientifically, but it would make no sense; it would be without meaning, as if you described a Beethoven symphony as a variation of wave pressure "Albert Einstein"

The medical advice

    Medical services, particularly online medical services, are an absolute necessity due to the large number of unanswered medical questions that are present even after speaking with one's own personal physician.

    Additionally, the doctors are having trouble finding time to spend with patients due to paper work and insurance procedures.

    This causes discussion to be only a fraction of what it should be on issues relating to the patient.

    It is possible that diseases go undetected and disregarded.

    In order for patients to have the opportunity to ask their questions in detail, a system should be implemented where they can do so.

    With the emergence of online medical services, it's finally possible to make this dream a reality.

    There are two conflicting priorities when it comes to finding reliable and qualified doctors, on the one hand, while protecting privacy and confidentiality on the other.



If you have a medical question, please feel free to ask. The important points are the following: you have medical questions we can answer, and you can do a little more to improve your health.

You are facing medical problems; you have a hard time to understand; we can assist you to discover a solution and understand.

You are currently suffering from some unknown symptoms and would like to know if they could be symptoms of a medical condition.

And while you're here, you also want to know another medical opinion about the best way of treatment for your medical condition

As we advise you, please be informed, but we cannot treat you.
This means you no longer need to go to a medical clinic in order to obtain a professional medical advice! When you make an appointment to see your doctor, it is critical that you are better informed about your medical condition.

Only 20% of the time after a doctor visit, patients still have questions, which suggests the other 80% of the time, they have additional questions.
We answer an average of 100 questions per month, and the number is increasing

So now you have a fantastic opportunity to consult with a doctor and get a medical advice, all from the comfort of your own home.

If you have any health concerns, you can speak with our medical advisors, and you will be happy with our medical consulting service.

Your question will be answered within the hour to 72 hours at the earliest, barring unforeseen circumstances.

Your questions are confidential, they are not shared, and they are not published unless you grant permission.

We will set up a time to call you and talk about your condition and possible solutions. 

USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination), STEP 1 TO 3 TUTORING AND WEBINAR.

Everything you need to know for the board (high yield) is covered in this review, and everything you need to know for practice is covered in this review.
The new schools that focus on student review are growing rapidly, but it is important to have quality service as well.
Remember this is an exam, the type of questions you will see in practice are only a fraction of the whole.
It is the most difficult exam in the world, since logic is absent and most times it is not even applied.
Most of the information found on Step 1 has been developed by PhDs, and nothing to do with clinical, as the majority of foreign physicians will find out and will be surprised by this.
There are several options that you must choose from in Step 2. The first is something clinical like logical, but if you are in school, you will most likely do your clinical. In a practical sense, though, you will end up with an abysmal grade. If you're a foreign medical student and have completed your training, then keep yourself locked up for a couple of months to finish the job.

Whatever review you take and read, at the end of the day, it is up to you and how you approach it. Don't be afraid to know your weaknesses and to fix them before it is too late. Our job is to show you, your weaknesses, your errors, and to fix them before the test. If you do not fix them, then you will not pass with a high score, no matter how many hours you will study.

Tutoring Anatomy physiology, Physiopathology, AND Nursing.

We do not only tutor medical students and foreign physician, but also nurses for their board ( NCLEX exam,National Council Licensure Examination)   and anatomy physiology 1 and 2 for undergraduate, including nursing anatomy, physiopathology, and clinic.


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