New way of payment for reccurent payments:

Pricing and payment page for webinar live registration
Any time joining

Membership : $50/ year
Webinar : Non member : $2200 Full program
Members :$ $1100 Full program

Refer 3 students at full prices you will have 75% discount, 4 students it will be free.

Histology review :     Non Members 160   Members 30
Radiodiagnosis : Nonmembers   $350    Members $75
Laboratory interpretation for the USMLE: Non member  $220   Members  $60   


$35/h for members
$100 /h for non members
Tutoring is for to up to 3 students.
If you refer 2 students the sessions are free.

     For billing please email us.
or fill out this form : click here

An invoice will be sent to you from paypal.

For any inquiry please email us:  or go to the contact page.

Easy payment above $300  available
please email us for a plan.
All payments are due before the lectures start.

Any one interested by the full program please contact us for a discount price during hollidays (NO COMBINE HOLLIDAYS).
Including : New years , Christmas, Aid, Thanksgiving.

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