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Sinoe Medical Association USMLE Review Program & Tutoring

Welcome to our program.
Our Ultimate goal is you, getting 260 on your steps..

This is our goal, mission, and we work hard for the students getting to it

Welcome to Sinoe Medical Association

Board Review Preparation and Tutoring for the USMLE.
We never promise 100% success but we will contribute toward it.
We are not a huge company, so we can focus more on your training.
You will have the Hammoudi's effect as his students say, pushing to the limit but results talk by themselves.
USMLE preparation start from MD1 to MD4 not after.
We complement your 2 months and 1/2 or 4 months academic in the Caribbean with reviewing the board questions.
We fix your base, to do better on your USMLE scores.
We make you study harder with a plan and smarter.
We will show what is important ant not important.
We will go over question.
Each lecture does have question and cases to understand the process.
We will let you know when you are ready to take your test.
We are teaching Medicine for more than 30 years and USMLE review for more than 15 years online or Academically.
Planning in Advance Saves Time
Study hard, study smart .

How to study for the STEPS

The program

Step 1

Systemic Pathology

Comprehensive with all the basic science integrated.

Goal help you not only for step 1 but other steps as well.

Our program vs others

Small groups

We target you individually in your progress weaknesses and Strong point

We advise you individually

We give you homework verified

We will give plenty of testing

Review of question together

Advantage of the program all integrated.

We go over high yield but more for you to get much information and scoring high very high not only passing mediocre grade

Pushing you to the limit

The European way, with integration to the US methodology and European methodology that gave results.

Our proud is when you see your students that became family, succeeding , getting residency and then Fellowship.

Webinars Live

Webinar live lectures. Two (2) h to six (6) h a day, four (4) times a week, for a total of six (6) months of comprehensive Pathology mixed will all the basic science. Most common and high yield material is used.
Homework are giving, testing and diagnosis testing are giving for each students at the beginning of the program up to the end of the program . 

Our Mission

We are committed to our student success. We use our experience in teaching and student’s way of thinking to achieve success.


Beside passing with high scores, most of our students, master the clinical rotation, the clinical and basic thinking.
During our program we see the improvement of our students, if not we try and do fix the issues which are many sometimes, and not that many other time.
Since, used to study hard and doing tough question, usually most test get easy for them, thus high scoring. 

Tutor you

We tutor anyone, and our webinar session are tutoring session in the same time.
Doing question and going over them.. 

Our goal is you getting 260 and above

STEP 1 webinar

per program
  • Webinar 2h to 6 h daily except Saturday Sunday , for 1 year preparation
  • Check the program 
  • Refer 3 students and the course is $ 200 for a year


coming up....


coming up....


per session

         2 to 6 h / week

Skype or google +.


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